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The Coincidence Authority

The Coincidence Authority

So we’re got to start somewhere and where better then the first book I read in 2015? A collision of fact, fate, love and war is already inviting me to curl up and reread.

John Ironmonger’s The Coincidence Authority

We begin with a missing child in the 1980’s, Azalea lost in a fairground on midsummer’s day, little do we know how significant this day will turn out to be. As the reader is pulled through Ironmonger’s maze of reality we begin to question each event and its significance. Then with a flash to the present day in amongst Azalea’s extraordinary childhood can the pieces of the puzzle be fixed together? Ironmonger’s writing intertwines all these events cleverly questioning the reader’s sense of reality and fiction. Added together with the political tension of the Uganda civil war this little book touches on every emotion in its quest for answers of Azalea’s life.

This book questioned some of my views on life and fate, educated me on the political tension in Africa and expanded my views on how amazing life can be.

A wonderful mixture of emotion and discovery as we are transformed between London and Uganda from fact to fate as the twisted world of coincidences and explanations follow. This may be a winding road but once you’re on it, you’ll have to see where it leads…

The Coincidence Authority is published by Phoenix and is available in all good bookshops.

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