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Elizabeth Is Missing

Elizabeth is missing, yet it’s only Maud who appears to notice. Maud who keeps finding notes telling her so, who’s the only one checking Elizabeth’s house or notifying the police. However Maud is also forgetful, quite unreliable and our narrator throughout her journey. She asks the same questions and gets the same answers in return.

Elizabeth is MissingAltogether it add to the mystery of Elizabeth’s disappearance with Maud’s evidence based entirely upon her own notes. Healey presents the struggles of our mind and beliefs, questioning what makes us ourselves. The journey we follow glimpses into the past, to the disappearance of Sukey and once again only Maud holds the answer. It produces a thought provoking novel of how important memory is, how it holds and capture us and in return influences everything we do.

Elizabeth Is Missing, is well written; cleverly intertwining the past and the present and incorporating two detective stories in one. It opens up as many questions as Maud asks, altering some of our previous perceptions.

Published by Penguin and currently The Sunday Times Bestseller it’s a book to add to your bookshelves.

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