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Going Going Gone…

Going Going GoneLeeds College of Art holds their Foundation Diploma in Art & Design end of year show this week, and being the twin of one of the student I was able to take a peak on their opening night.

For the most part, I’ll admit contemporary art tends to go over my head; yet the foundation’s show held some beautiful pieces, art work that was clever, presentations that made me think. There were aspects that were a little more interactive; a show almost. Performances of animations to a girl sewing the jumpsuit she was currently wearing, were just the start.

Going Going GoneEach room was bursting with art work and inspiration; models, photos, textiles, projectors to depict the many art forms of this imaginative group of students. I, however, found myself most attracted to the art of nature; both camouflage in the form of a leaf cloak to the observational writing embedded into bark. Then in a different interpretation the aspects we associate with nature, yet in a new format; a world formed out of words and coral mad from metal.

Leaf Cloak        Metal Coral

Going Going Gone

The exhibition encapsulated a range of art, although at times it felt a little cluttered as though some pieces needed more room, more detail to allow the full impact to arrive. Equally the projects could have been placed alongside the final pieces; allowing the full story of each piece of art to be shown.

If you’re in the Leeds area hurry to this showcase of work, by the 28th May it’s going, going, gone…

Leeds College of Art; Going Going Gone 22nd-28th May 2015.

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