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The Night Circus

The Night Circus bookI’m unsure why exactly I feel as though The Night Circus can only really be read in November, maybe it’s the magic of christmas approaching and the darker nights which fit in with this book so perfectly.

Regardless of when you decide to pick up The Night Circus (although November is the time for me), you are instantly transported to a place of magic, excitement, trials and tests.

The Circus is the competition stage for a whole new trial of skills and magic, it therefore arrives without warning, departing too without hesitation, adding to its mystery. Open only once nighttime has fallen, the many tents can be explored, examined and viewed.It may be a place of magic and amusement for most, but for two it stands as the fighting ground, the place to show skill and beat an opponent.

Th novel follows the circus, from its birth as it travels around the world, but most importantly it follows the people as they explore and examine its mystery or create tents that fill it. It’s a wonderful collection of tales and experiences, from young to old the circus is a place of magic.

My only wish is that the Circus would appear near me one day, without warning so that I can live through its magic.


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