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Manchester’s Christmas Markets

IMG_5829As December has now arrived, christmas trees are sprouting up, jingle bells seems to be in every shop and lights ablaze local houses, it seemed fitting to begin my festive season with a trip to Manchester’s German Christmas Markets.

While dusk is falling, the lights of the stalls capture the essence of christmas, lighting the way to handicrafts, Santa’s of every size and a range of mulled drinks. It is equally wonderful to just wander around the markets and enjoy the atmosphere it brings, of stall sellers, families and friends starting their christmas.

IMG_5821I greatly enjoy the main focus Albert Square brings, the large Santa Clause shinning and the German bar sitting above the stalls: people wandering, eating and drinking. Food and merriment is certainly the focus here, with a range of treats to tempt you.

The trail the markets create around Exchange Square, St Annes and the Cathedral give a winding trail around the city, lighting the way to many pretty and festive objects. Of course there were a lot of things I wanted to buy, prints of manchester, local food, crafts and clothes and christmas decorations, there’s something here for everyone

So, if you have a chance to come to Manchester this Christmas time, be sure to venture around the markets, you’ll never know what treasures you’ll find.

The markets are open until Monday 21st December from 10am, most finishing at 7.30 pm.

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