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The Secret Garden

The Secret GardenThe Secret Garden may be a very well-known and well-loved children’s classic, but it was only this year that I finally read this famous book. I already knew the general story line, the expectations of what the tale would include, after all a secret garden needed to be found.

Yet I didn’t expect the descriptions of Yorkshire, the development of the characters and the captivated spell the book held over me. It transported me to Misselthwaite Manor, to Mary’s world, her discovery of not simply a garden, but friendship, trust, hope and life. It reminded me of simplicity of the world a ten-year old can see, of the clear right and wrong, and the adventure life holds.

It may be a simple tale, beautifully told and illustrated in the folio edition I received. As much as I feel I should have read this earlier, maybe from an adults perspective I appreciate the tale more now, then if I’d read it ten years ago.

Regardless of your age, The Secret Garden is a classic we all need to read, to remember how precious and wonderful life can be.

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