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Room_coverGoing against my better judgement and expectations, I saw the film of Room before even owning let alone reading the book. Beautifully and truthfully told, the film allowed me to see a world much quicker then if I’d wandered around many bookshelves trying to find such a capsulating story. It introduced me to the story I wanted to explore, a book I wanted to read, and a tale that needed to be told.

The film brought me directly into Jack and Ma’s isolated world, physically restraining the life that can be lead in such an imprisonment. Yet, being told through the film, made the situation of their circumstances much easier to navigate through then the book alone can portray; visualising their world and the constraints within it.

Room filmWritten from the point of view of five-year-old Jack, the book only allows you to understand Room from his eyes; a home not a prison. Likewise the confusion of the life around him is so narrowed by his current experiences it takes a while to understand the tale of Ma’s imprisonment and the world Jack was born into.

It’s a tale of bravery and strength, of a living a life of your own under any and all circumstances. It proves that even in the most unimaginable world, hope can still be found and life lead to the full.

Emma Donoghue captures the confusion this world holds over Jack, and his many new discoveries outside of Room. It certainly made me reevaluate aspects we take for granted, experiences we all share and expectations of a common world.

This is a book to read and a film to view; although one where the story stretches past the last page and into your own life.

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