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The Versions of Us

The title alone intrigued me into reading this book, the thought of the possible paths of your life changed and altered dependent on the smallest of decisions.

The versions of usWe follow Eve from her days at Cambridge University and the possible outcomes of a bike, a missed tutorial and a stranger. Three options come through this point, two men are presented in the moment, who and what will Eve choose?

The tale dips into Eve’s life at various points of importance, as we see her marry, have children, a career in a number of orders and with a variety of outcomes. The three versions are all different, yet weaved together, separate, however fate still seems to play a role.

I love how this book ends without a definite version of Eve’s life, there is no right or wrong way for life to play out; you just need to see which way fate will take you. An intriguing and thoughtful read, making you question not just the choices and versions of Eve’s life, but also the possibilities of your own.

Laura Bernett’s The Version of Us is out in paperback and soon to be released in the US and other countries.

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