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Buying a blind book

IMG_6100Occasionally bookshops can become a little overwhelming, some have far too much choice, rooms full of shelves requiring your attention. It’s hard to know where to begin. So as I headed into town with the small mission of wanting (another) new book to read, I came across a slightly different presentations of fiction.

Waterstones held a shelf in the corner of their fiction room at their Deansgate store, containing books hidden slightly from view. Instead of their covers sitting proudly on the shelves to tempt you in, they were wrapped simply in brown paper. Instead of the title and blurb you had a label with a small description upon it, these differed in detail; some gave a list of themes, others a quote and one simply said ‘If you don’t read this book, you and I could never be friends’. I was, of course, intrigued.

IMG_6103I believe it’s set around valentines, a blind book date for anyone, and everyone with a small or large book obsession. I spent a long time pondering the many choices in front of me, eager to pick something slightly out of my comfort zone, while trying to work out if it was a title I’d already read.

After making my selection, taking it to the till and the bookseller kindly ensuring I saw not a glimpse of the title as he put the transaction through, I felt as though I’d come out with a present. A gift to myself, something secret yet I was sure I would enjoy it.

Once back home, I raced to open my purchase, to see what it was I had chosen for myself. Now I just have to start reading…

Thank you Waterstones for a new and unique book buying experience, I only wish it could be all year round.

*edit: you can read my review of Station Eleven here.

9 thoughts on “Buying a blind book

  1. I love this idea so much. Knowing my luck I’d spend hours choosing, trying to be drawn to my perfect book destiny only to get home and weep as I unwrap a Dan Brown!


  2. That’s such a fantastic idea, although paranoia would probably talk me out of buying one as I would fear I had it…but the not knowing, that is a frankly terrifying conundrum now I think about it.


    1. Waterstones were very good promising a full refund if you already have the book you bought blind. I’d say it’s well worth it and more of an experience then just buying a book. If in doubt you can always gift a book you’ve ended up with two of!


  3. Very good point, I’m off to Nottingham on Tuesday so will use that as my excuse to go in, I say excuse as I always feel guilty as I own too many books as it is, I’m sure you can sympathise.

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