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Bullet Journal

As a new month begins, and the hopes of summer days continue across the UK. I thought I’d introduce a recent find; I’ve proven my love for literature and theatre, books and galleries but I also enjoy being a little creative and occasionally putting pen to paper.

IMG_7118Last month I began a new journal, I’ve started journals before but tend to have given up by day three – surprisingly I’ve stuck with this one a whole month. The bullet journal is much more flexible then previous organisers, journals and diaries, allowing you to do with it all you please. For me it’s a mixture of to-do lists, notes and ideas but also full of doodles, quotes and longer journal pieces where I let my thoughts run wild.

I can make notes on books, write out my blog posts, countdown to events or simply doodle through my day. It’s kept me organised while also being a bit of relaxation and creativity. If you ever need some inspiration, Instagram is full of beautifully illustrated future logs, habit trackers and daily’s to name just a few.

It’s simple, effective and fun; I’m not even halfway through my current notebook, yet I’ve already purchased my next one. Have you started any journals recently?


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