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Bullet Journal: University

The Bullet Journal was something I thought I’d start and never really finish. Surprisingly I’ve completed my first notebook with the summer’s thoughts, agenda’s and to-do lists. Now that autumn is here, and university has begun again— I’ve gained a new notebook (a dotted underwater blue Moleskin) and altered my layout for the term.

First things first, I wanted to include useful university-related items at the very front of my journal, my timetable, deadlines and weekly readings are pages I end up reaching for most days. To ensure I am extra organised in my final year, I’ve also created some checklists for each module; only time will tell if this works.

I then jump straight into the month’s overview, my general goals and to-do’s, a habit tracker and blog page. I’ve also enjoyed filling in a gratitude log each day — a little something that’s made me smile. These pages are for the whole month, little tasks and tracker’s to keep on top of, without certain days to be held down to.

My weekly layout has been updated to hold more general to-do’s for the week, alongside a meal planner as I begin to cook for myself again. Then my daily log is very much the same — most days it’s full of tasks, other days it’s a longer journal piece, or a mixture of the two. I love the freedom of the daily log, it can be filled the way you choose, long or short, decorative of simple it allows your day to remain organised, regardless of the amount of time on your hands.

I’ve found a system that really works for me, I enjoy having everything written down, moving away from the digital age for a little while. It’s keeping me organised and productive — while also encouraging a space to start writing a little more.

Let me know your thoughts on the bullet journal, the internet is already full of inspiration, so I’ve added my little corner too.

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