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A Story of Postcards

I love the simplicity of a postcard, a suggestion of a tale, of an adventure making its way just to you. There’s something extremely personal in a postcard, the picture and place it represents in addition to the words etched into the paper.

There’s also the mysterious stamp in the top left hand corner, recognisable but still unknown. A presentation of a different country whittled down to a square inch.

Then there’s the language we use on a postcard, its the only time in English we can write without a subject — a different language and culture is already subconsciously making an impact on us. We can write brief, simple statements, or long, descriptive tales. Our writing too big or too small for the world we’re attempting to recreate.

Next time a postcard drops through the letter box, take time to appreciate what else it contains and the power of language it encompasses.

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