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Sunshine in the distant sky, but not quite warm enough to abandon your jacket. Longer days and shorter nights as the world keeps turning around — a glimpse towards the future. Another summer is about to begin, another summer full of dreams and inspirations. Another chance to explore the corner of the world we call our home.

Flowers begin to appear, leaves are now on every tree. The colours changing more quickly than I can believe. I’ve seen the earth’s cycle over twenty times now; but the time that winter leaves us, the time that spring brings summer to us, is one part of this world I can never stop appreciating.

Spring is the season of opportunity, of times anew. A chance to look forward and believe in what we can accomplish. Perhaps as this spring marks my final time as a student — my last spring full of deadlines and revision — that it permits me to look at the world anew. The next seasons won’t be restricted by the academic year and that’s something that vey much excites me.

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Bullet Journal

As a new month begins, and the hopes of summer days continue across the UK. I thought I’d introduce a recent find; I’ve proven my love for literature and theatre, books and galleries but I also enjoy being a little creative and occasionally putting pen to paper.

IMG_7118Last month I began a new journal, I’ve started journals before but tend to have given up by day three – surprisingly I’ve stuck with this one a whole month. The bullet journal is much more flexible then previous organisers, journals and diaries, allowing you to do with it all you please. For me it’s a mixture of to-do lists, notes and ideas but also full of doodles, quotes and longer journal pieces where I let my thoughts run wild.

I can make notes on books, write out my blog posts, countdown to events or simply doodle through my day. It’s kept me organised while also being a bit of relaxation and creativity. If you ever need some inspiration, Instagram is full of beautifully illustrated future logs, habit trackers and daily’s to name just a few.

It’s simple, effective and fun; I’m not even halfway through my current notebook, yet I’ve already purchased my next one. Have you started any journals recently?